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End of a Gangster : VIKASH DUBEY

A vehicle carrying a notorious criminal was overturned. When the car was overturned criminal allegedly snatched a pistol from a policeman who was trying to fix a flat tyre and tried to run away. Then the criminal was killed in an encounter. Reading up to this you are thinking that this is a story of a Bollywood classic. Sorry my friend you are wrong this is the story of a Kanpur based gangster Vikash Dubey. Who got killed in an encounter on July 10th.

Vikash Dubey was arrested on July 9th near the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh. Some say he was surrendered. On that day night a petition was filed in the supreme court for his security.

Vikash Dubey who was carrying a bounty of Rs. 5 lakh on him was cremated on 10th night. His wife said “Yes yes yes. Vikash did wrong”. Vikash was in search for the murder of 8 policeman of Uttar Pradesh police that took place on 3rd July. On July 4th Dubey’s house was demolished . On July 5th Dayashankar Agnihotri , the main aide of him was arrested. On July 8th Amar dubey, Vikash’s aide got killed in another encounter.

Videos that have emerged after his death have reinforced questions about the Police’s version of the story. UP Police say the car in which Vikash Dubey was travelling was different from the one where he was seen when the car was crossing a toll booth around 4 AM that morning. Generally the gunshot hits the back side of the criminal’s body but here the bullet hits the front side of the body.

UP government had setup a SIT to probe Vikas Dubey’s rise to notoriety but the SIT was not asked to investigate the circumstances surrounding his death.


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