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DIY Motor Controller Box for DC Motors

Tis is a Tutorial Blog where we are going to learn you how to make a motor controller box for dc motors. This motor controller box can control the speed of motor like from 0 to maximum speed, on/off, push switch, both direction rotation switch, fuse protection, LED indication etc. If you follow the process then its so easy to make this controller box.

Now this controller box works for DC motor only and up to 40v. You can use any dc motor like gear motors, normal motors.

Now the items you need for making this -

  1. 10A dc motor speed controller

  2. DPDT switch of more than 10A rating

  3. on/off switch

  4. push switch

  5. fuse box+fuse

  6. box

  7. indicator LED + resistor

  8. wires+crocodile clip

  9. DC socket

Circuit Diagram -

you can use this controller box for 5A,10A,20A etc. Just need to change the speed controller and switch according to the current readings.

Step by step making Pic -

Video Tutorials -

Hope you like this. If you face any problem in making the controller then plz comment below. We will try to solve your problem.


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