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DIY Electric SkateBoard

If you want to make a skateboard automated running with Battery and motor then this bog is for you. In this blog You get a complete details of how to make a DIY electric Skateboard with all component details, at low budget. This skateboard is capable for up to 90 KG weight lift at good speed. So let's have a look of this skateboard.

So the components you need -

  1. Plywood - thickness 20 mm recommended, (65cm x 28 cm)

  2. Gear motor - 100 RPM/300 RPM 12-24v High torque one ( purchase link -

  3. 12v lithium ion battery (Purchase link 12v - )

Circuit Diagram -

Switches with controller box pic

12v or 24v which one best for Skateboard. Look if you good budget then 24v battery is best. If your budget is low then take 12v.

Full tutorial video -

Hope you like this blog. If you face any problem regarding making this skateboard then plz do comment below. I will try my best to solve your problem.


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