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DIY Automated ScrewDriver Machine, HomeMade

If you want to make a Automated electric Screw Driver Machine then This blog is for you. We will tell which motor is best and other parts what you required to make a complete machine. We will also provide you video tutorial for this and purchase links too.

So let's check how it looks like-

Interested right to make this?

So the items you required -

  1. 100 rpm Johnson Gear Motor ( purchase link -

  2. 12v 2A DC Adapter (Purchase link -

  3. Screw Bit Coupler (purchase link -

  4. PVC Pipes (Purchase link -

  5. DPDT Middle Off Switch

  6. DC female Socket

Now here we use PVC pipes of the casing. DPDT switch can provide the motor both direction rotation with on off condition also. Now The screw bit coupler is for attach the motor and the screw bit.

Connection Diagram -

Full Pic of machine -

Full Video Tutorials -

Full Machine Purchase Link -

Hope all of you like this blog. If i missed any information in this blog comment here so that i can update that.


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