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Churi Making Machine

If you are looking for a cheap price Churi Making Machine or want to make it homemade then this blog is for you. Now let see the items you need -

1. AC motor 3/5 RPM

2. Plywood 1/2 inch thick

(74x8 cm, 12x8 cm, 10x8 cm, 12x8cm, 2x8 cm, 2x8 cm)

3. PVC pipe 50 mm 60 cm

4. Coupler ( 6-9 mm)

5. 9 mm dia metal rod of 70 cm

6. AC plug

Full machine pic -

Safety Tips -

  1. Make sure you home has earthing other wise you may get shock from motor.

  2. Do not put much load on the PVC pipe.

  3. Do not put much hotter material on the PVC Pipe.

  4. The axial rod should be balance both side equal.

machine is very simple to make.

Watch full video tutorial for more details -

Hope all of you like this blog. If i missed any information in this blog comment here so that i can update that.

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Sep 23, 2021

The article which is provided by you is very nice and understandable

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