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Best UPS Battery 12v 6AH Lithium Battery Pack, 2500 Life Cycle, With Warranty

if you are looking for a perfect replacement of your lead acid battery and need a lithium battery pack then this will be your best choice. This is 12 volt lithium battery pack mainly lithium iron phosphate battery pack. This battery pack is compatible with all lead acid battery instrument even charging is also compatible. This battery provides 6 times long life than a normal lead acid battery pack. Size also very less.

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Battery -

Charger -

Solar Controller -

12volt lithium Iron Phosphet LifePo4 battery with Charge protection with BMS. This Battery best for Inverter, Bike Battery, DC motors, robo cars, leds and other appliances.

You can use it anywhere like go-kart, hooverbard, e cycle, dc motor, grass cutter, cordless drill applications, led light etc. The back up time depend upon the motor Specification, type of work you are doing.

Use only lithium Iron Phosphate LifePo4 battery charger for this battery

Features -

  • With BMS Protection Board

  • Original Full Capacity as mentions

  • Multipurpose Battery

  • Battery compatible with Solar Controller

  • Everywhere you can use in replace of Lead Acid Battery

Dimensions -

Length x Width x Height = 4.5x14x7 cm aprox

Weight = 0.6 kg

Battery Specification -

Discharge Wire is 1.5 sqmm Thick. Charging and discharge wire is same.

Single Cell Used - FB Tech 6000 mah 32700 Battery

Specification - 4S1P LFP

Charge Cycle with full Capacity - 2500~3000 aprox/ 6 Years

BMS Specification - 4s20A LFP

Maximum Capacity - 6AH or 6000 mah

Max discharge current - 20A

Battery Voltage - 12v

Battery Full Charge Voltage- 14.5v

Battery Cutoff Voltage- 11v

Charging Specification -

Fast charging Supports. Use only lithium Iron Phosphet Charger to charge this battery. Charging Voltage should be 14~15v. Charger has Auto cutoff feature also. It will not over charge the battery.

Battery Details Graph -

This graph Shows how lithium Phosphate battery takes charge. This battery has fast charge option. For a 1c Rated battery i can charger up to 0.5c, where a 3C battery can take charge up to 1.5C. Where Red colour is battery voltage and blue colour is battery current. As soon as battery reach to its full charge current drops and complete the charge.

This is discharge Curve. It shows, that up to 10% charge battery can provide approx. same Voltage and same Power unless other battery like Lead acid which can provide only 50% of its charge. This is very good property where you get same voltage from lithium phosphate battery till its power ends up and you accessories run properly.



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