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Best Hailong Case, 52cells 18650 Lithium Ion Battery Hailong Case, with key System

Hailong case is a special type of lithium Ion battery ABS casing. This Special Battery case which provide a cool look, Anti thief Key lock system, Battery Indicator system and easy portability. You can discount the case from your cycle and easily carry it to any place and charge your battery. Plz remember its battery case Not full battery. You need to make the battery pack inside case with cells spot weld all. The product is used to install an electric vehicle lithium battery. The product only includes the battery Case and does not contain a built-in lithium battery, The outer casing is suitable for electric bicycles, electric bicycles and folding electric vehicles, The product is made of aluminum alloy and plastic, which is sturdy and durable, The product has a charging socket and an output port.

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Key Features:

  1. Full set electric bike battery case.

  2. Easy to handle

  3. It protect lithium-ion battery from environment.

  4. The battery case can be mount on cycle or any other frame.

  5. Black plastic upper and lower case.

  6. Mechanical Structure: Push ahead and upper-taken style, Mechanical Lock.

  7. Discharging port: 4Pin.

  8. Power Switch: Yes

  9. USB: Without.

  10. LED indicator: 4 LED lights.

Case Specifications -

Its 52 cells 18650 Lithium Ion battery case. You can make 24v, 36v, 48v battery inside this case. You can make following combination battery with this case

  • 24volt 7s7p Max

  • 36volt 10s5p Max

  • 48v 13s4p Max

Now here if you use 2500mah cells then 7s7P means 7x2500=17500 or 17.5Ah Battery. So if you use 3000mah cells then its 7x3000=21000 or 21AH Battery. But make sure the battery indicator is for 36volt. so for 24volt or 48volt the battery indicator will not work.

So you need to arrange the battery in hailong case, do spot weld, bms attach and do everything. As its only case not battery pack.



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