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Auto-Cutoff Battery Charger Circuit

This is an auto cutoff circuit. It will cut off the charging of battery when the battery is full charge. This circuit give you a protection from overcharge the battery. this circuit can be used to any battery with any voltage up to 12v. But need to do slight changes in the circuit. Let's have look the items you need-

  1. BC 547 transistor

  2. 100 ohm resistor

  3. 10k ohm resistor

  4. IN4007 diode 3 piece

  5. 1k ohm resistor

  6. RED led for charging indication

  7. Green Led for full charge indication

  8. 10k ohm potentiometer or trimpot

  9. Bread board to make the circuit.

Now here if you want to make the auto cutoff circuit for a 6V lead acid battery then take 6v relay if for 12v battery then take 12v relay.

The trimpot or potentionmeter is to select which voltage you want to cutoff the charging.

Like for 12v lead acid battery it will be 14v and lithium ion battery it will be 12.6v. Now you need connect the circuit with your charger. For 12v battery charger you need 15v charger and for 6v battery you need 9V charger.

So this circuit works with your charger to make the charging process proper and cut off when battery is full charge.

Another main thing is that Diode current rating, if you use 1A charger then Diode no 4007 ok , if you use 2 to 3A then 5408 diode good , or for more current take same current rating diode.

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