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8 Types of 775 DC Motors

RS775 DC 12-24v motor is very popular for all types of DIY projects. All power tools accessories like cutting, grinding, polishing this motor is used tremendously. Not only that in DC fans, DC pump also this motor is best. Now you might know about 1 or 2 types of 775 dc motor like non bearing motor and bearing motor. You might be in shock to know that there are 8 types of 775 dc motor available in world. The number may be more than 8 and we can able to collet 8 numbers total. In this blog we will share those motors picture with specification list. So let's Start.

775 Non Bearing Copper Wire Motor -

This is 775 non bearing motor has a no Load current of 0.9A at 12v and RPM 4600 Approx. You can use this motor in 12-24v range with 5A current. This is a good motor in cheap price.

775 Non Bearing SHY Motor -

SHY standard motors are non bearing and comes with high Speed. It has a RPM of 5800 and No-Load Current of 0.6A at 12v. So low in current consumption and high in Speed.

775 Non Bearing Dual Shaft Motor -

This Motor has shaft on both Side. So its called Dual Shaft. Its Has a RPM of 2000 and Current consumption in No Load is 0.18A.

775 Bearing Motor -

Its a bearing motor which support high load on Its shaft. This 775 Motor has a rpm of 6000 and No Load current of 0.67A.

775 Bearing D shaft -

Now main difference btw 775 bearing and bearing D shaft is torque. This motor comes with high power means torque more than other all types of 775 motor. This motor has a rpm of 4700 and No load current of 0.18A. As this motor has low current consumptions so it gives high backup in battery system than any other 775 motor.

775 bearing Short Shaft -

This motor comes with short shaft and heavy power. Motor weight is high approx 400 grms. The winding is heavy. Its has good torque with powerful load taking capacity.

Motor RPM has 3700 and no load speed is 0.36A. Though this RPM rating is low but this motor has a torque more than any other 775 dc motor.

775 Bearing 24v Motor -

All general 775 dc motor comes in 12v. But this motor comes in 24v so we can esily use this motor at 36v also. Here the rpm at 24v is 9000. At 12v the RPM is 5200 aprox and No load current is 0.43 Amps. For 24v continuous applications this 775 motor is best than any other 775 dc motor.

775 Non bearing High Speed Motor-

This is maximum RPM 775 Motor that available. Its JOHNSON brand 775 DC motor Comes with a RPM of 13500 aprox. And you may be surprise to know that the no load current is about 3.6A. Its tool high regarding another 775 dc motors. But this motor heats up quickly than any other motor. and you can't use this motor for long time , you need to give it a break so that it can cool down.

Hope you like this Blog. If you have any query then comment below. We will try to solve your query.


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