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48v 1000 watts EBike High Power Full Electric Bike BLDC Conversion Kit

Hi, are you looking for a Electric bike conversion kit?

Do you want to Convert your Normal Bike to Electric Bike?

DO you want High Speed and Good Mileage with it ?

Then here is the solution. Myinnovation Provides you the best Electric conversion kit with easiest Installation on a bike. This kit contains 48v 1000 watts High Power Motor with a Top speed of 50 to 55 km/hr. This Motor can sustain with max 700 to 800 Kg Load on it.

So you can easily take 4 people.

Here is the full picture of the kit. Now the important question is how to install it. Its very simple, just replace your bike engine with this Motor and the chain from your rear wheel coming, attach it with your motor. That's all you can also do welding of your casing to your motor for permanent attachment. Now rest item like controller display those are easy to do connect as just electrical connections.

Now 2nd important thing is choosing battery and it gives you the mileage. You need to choose battery according to your mileage required. Like if you need 50km mileage on a single charge from the battery then you need 30Ah battery. or if you need 100km mileage then you need to go for 60AH one. Means 1Ah battery can give your 2km backup. Now if you run this bike in economy mode or 30 to 40km/hr speed then it give 2.5km on single AH battery.

Now From where you are going to purchase all this items?

here is the most trusted website with 24x7 customer support with warranty options

i am putting the links of the items -

Now let's Talk what Item you get in this 48v 1000 watts Kit -

  • 48v 1000 watts Gear BLDC Motor Kit

  • 700~800 Kg Load capacity or 5 People

  • Diigtal Speedometer & Battery Display

  • Electric Brake

  • Special Powerful Head Lights

  • 48v to 12volt DC converter

Package Include- 
  • Motor 48v 1000 watts - High Power Black Finish 48v 1000 watts BLDC Motor with RPM of 3000 RPM High Speed. Motor Max rated power is 1000 watts , max rated current is 20Amps.

  • Controller - Its 48v 1000 Watts Intelligent controller with smart problem detection skills and connection system

  • Throttle & handle - Beautiful red finish throttle handle

  • Key Lock - on/off 2 keys locking system

  • 1 Pair Brake - 2 pcs brake with brake cord attach system so both electric and mechanical way in a single brake

  • Special High Power Head Light - Powerful 6 led head light system

  • Digital Display speedometer - Digital display for speed and battery indicator. it will show how much battery left and also indicate the speed of bike

  • 48v to 12v converter - if you want to attach any led and horn all works in 12volt so this converter converts your 48v to 12v and its up to 120 watts high power.

  • Multiswitch Rim & wires - this is for upper dipper lights and indicator lights and horn switch.

Here is some looks of the items closely -

So Don't wait just order it and make your bike into a electric one by Yourself, If you face any problem can do a comment here , i will reply and solve it .

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