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12v DC 10 LPM 24 watts Submersible Waterproof Solar High Power Cooler Pump

This is a 12V DC Solar Mini Pump with a working voltage of 12 V DC. The pump can be used with an Aquarium or any other small solar-based pumping application. It can be also used with Sanitizer Dispenser, Cooler, gardening Pump etc. This is Submersible water pump. You need to put this pump into water.


  • Water Pump, Bigger High-Quality Solar Pump 500-600 L/H

  • Not self-priming, no suction lift, pump location should be lower than the fluid surface in order that fluid can flow into pump body actively Waterproof, submersible

  • Model Number: WP8W

  • Voltage: DC 12V

  • Power: 15-24W

  • Flow: 10L/min

  • Height Maximum -5 to 8meter

  • Working voltage range: 8Vdc-15Vdc

  • Rated voltage: 12Vdc

  • Rubber Color: Transparent/White/Black

  • Working current: 1.5A-2A

  • Pump Type - Submersible

  • Body ABS Plastic

  • Inlet dia- 11mm

  • Outlet Dia - 15mm

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